Conroe Memorial Park 
McNutt Brock Family Corp.

Conroe Memorial Park cemetery has been in operation since 1944. It is a gated thirty-three acre cemetery shaded by various types of native trees. The traditional Texas landscape has been enhanced by features, a granite mausoleum, and an Austin rock arched entrance.

Conroe Memorial Park has over three thousand internments and over two thousand five hundred owners. The cemetery's endowment trust fund assures families the cemetery and its beautiful surroundings will be maintained forever.

Conroe Memorial Park is equipped with a lawn crypt system, which guarantees your loved ones will remain dry forever along with running water for maintaining the grass and any other plants on site.

We offer many different types of headstones, foot stones and statues that may be placed at the grave of your loved ones. We offer many types of monuments that range in price and color's. 

The Mausoleum of the Cross provides for above ground interments including single spaces, tandems, and niches for cremains.

Many spaces are still available in the Mausoleum of the Cross and range in price.

In order to continue to offer mausoleum space McNutt Funeral Home is underway designing and installing new mausoleums.

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